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Chemists Celebrate Earth Week Illustrated Poem Contest

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Colleagues and Friends –

Wanted to let you know about the Illustrated Poetry Contest that is sponsored by the American Chemical Society (all details on attached two page flier). Contest is for students K-12 and they compose an original poem (40 words or less) and illustrate the poem. The theme for this year is “Dive into Marine Chemistry”. The flyer provides some possible topics as well as the judging criteria for the entries.

Our local section gives out awards for first ($50 gift card) and second ($25 – gift card) place in each grade category (K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12) so up to $300 in prize money available. I know it is hard to get your students engaging in projects outside of the curriculum but some of the students eat this up and hoping to get some entries for all grade categories. A little tougher to get the middle and high school students participating but do hope the topic this year might be more accessible than some previous themes.

Appreciate your sharing this opportunity with your students or passing on to any colleagues that might engage their students with this opportunity.

https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/outreach/ccew/illustrated-poem-contest/winners.html" target="_blank">The link here takes you to the National Winners from 2017.

As you can see, the top awards have both a strong poem AND are well illustrated.

Printable flyer

Entry form (word format)

Congratulations to our 50- and 60- year members

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Our 50- and 60- year members are celebrated at the September meeting in Hendersonville.

50 Year Members 

William Dorow 

Paul Kalicky 

Robert Roskoski 

Alden West 

60 Year Members

Ronald Bakule

Henry Griffin

Andrew Kallianos

Hans Kuhn

Jude Sommerfeld

Royce Woosley

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Illustrated Poem Contest

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The Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Illustrated Poetry Contest is sponsored by the American Chemical Society - check out this flyer. Contest is for students K-12 and they compose an original poem (40 words or less) and illustrate the poem. The theme for this year is “Chemistry Helps Feed The World”. The flyer provides some possible topics as well as the judging criteria for the entries.

The Western Carolinas Local Section gives out awards for first ($50 gift card) and second ($25 – gift card) place in each grade category (K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12) so up to $300 in prize money available.

As you can see from the winning poems in 2016, the top awards have both a strong poem AND are well illustrated.  See them here - https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/outreach/cced/cced-illustrated-poem-contest/poem-contest-winners.html

Our Local Section (Western Carolinas) submissions were outstanding last year! (Local students won two of the eight national awards).

Download the entry form here.  Deadline to submit is April 14.

Details for January meeting - January 24 at USC Upstate

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"Dynamic Nuclear Polarization-Enhanced NMR Studies of Nanoparticles."

Dr. Leah Casabianca

Assistant Professor

Clemson University


University of South Carolina Upstate

Olin B. Sansbury, Jr. Campus Life Center

800 University Way

Spartanburg, SC 29303

Order of Events:

6:00 pm – Meet and Greet Olin B. Sansbury, Jr. Campus Life Center

6:30 pm Dinner (Optional) Olin B. Sansbury, Jr. Campus Life Center (Room 309)

$18 Members/$5 High School Teachers and Student Members

Ø House Salad

Ø Cranberry chicken

Ø Glazed carrots

Ø Basil Orzo

Ø Bread/Rolls

Ø Chocolate cake

Ø Coffee, tea, water

7:30 pm Lecture Olin B. Sansbury, Jr. Campus Life Center

**We ask that you RSVP if you are attending the seminar and/or having dinner.

Please RSVP by TUESDAY JANUARY 17, 2017 to: wcacs2017@gmail.com and leave your name, contact number or email address, how many will be attending seminar and/or dinner and if student or high school teacher status is applicable.

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization-Enhanced NMR Studies of Nanoparticles

Abstract: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is one of the most versatile techniques for atomic-level structural characterization of chemical systems ranging from small organic molecules to large systems such as proteins or materials. One of the main disadvantages of NMR, however, is its low sensitivity. One way to enhance the sensitivity of NMR that has gained recent popularity is called Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP). DNP relies on the transfer of polarization from unpaired electrons to nearby nuclei. Normally, the unpaired electrons are introduced into the sample by doping the sample of interest with organic free radicals, although naturally occurring paramagnetic defects can be used as polarization agents as well. In this talk, we will present the results of two studies. In the first, we show that intrinsic paramagnetic defects in the diamond lattice can be used as DNP polarization agents to increase the 13C NMR signal of carbons in nanodiamonds. In the second, we discuss the development of HighlY-effective Polymer/Radical beads (HYPR-beads) which are organic nanoparticles that have been doped with a known hydrophobic DNP polarizing agent. HYPR-beads have been used to polarize 13C and 7Li nuclei in aqueous environments at low overall radical concentrations, and without the need for an added glassing co-solvent.


Bio: Dr. Casabianca received a B. S. degree in chemistry from Rice University in 2002 where she did undergraduate research with Prof. Seiichi P.T. Matsuda. She completed her Ph. D. in the lab of Prof. Angel C. de Dios at Georgetown University in 2008. Her thesis work involved using solution-state NMR and chemical shift calculations to understand the mechanism of action of anti-malarial drugs. She then did a postdoctoral fellowship (2008-2010) with Prof. Yoshitaka Ishii at the University of Illinois at Chicago working on structural characterization of graphite oxide. Her second postdoctoral fellowship was in the group of Prof. Lucio Frydman at the Weizmann Institute (2010-2013) where she worked on dynamic nuclear polarization of diamond samples. She joined the faculty at Clemson University in 2014.

website announcement - sorry for delay

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Greetings all.  It appears webs.com is doing a change in their site builder, and I can not modify the main pages.  I can post in this section and I hope I can update the calendar, but it may be a few days before I can update the officers and meetings section.

Announcing the candidates for 2016 Western Carolinas Local Section elections

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We will be conducting our election in the upcoming month using electronic voting - make sure ACS has your preferred email address.  Here are the candidates for the four eleted officer positions

Chair Elect (Chair 2018, Past-Chair 2019)

Amanda Knapp, Mars Hill University


Zachary Davis, Wofford College


George Heard, UNC Asheville

Alternate Councilor

Blaine Childress, Sealed Air corporation

Biographies and statements for the candidates (more will be added as they are received).

Dr. Amanda Knapp, Associate Professor of Chemistry. Mars Hill Uiversity, Candidate for Chair Elect

Amanda is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Mars Hill University, where she currently teaches Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Chemistry, and General, Organic and Biochemistry for the nursing program. In addition to her classes, she is an advisor to the Chemistry Club as well as to her undergraduate research students. She came to Mars Hill after receiving her BS in 2006 from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH and her PhD in 2011 from the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. While at Akron, she studied the antimicrobial and anticancer properties of silver N-heterocyclic carbene complexes, a project she continues to work on with undergraduate students at Mars Hill. During her time as an undergraduate student, she also did a research experience for undergraduates (REU) program through the NSF at the University of Cincinnati, an experience that helped lead her down the path of research and higher education and one that she encourages other undergraduates to experience. If elected as the WACS chair, she hopes to continue work to increase student involvement in the Western Carolinas section of the ACS as well as the number of women participants. The ACS and its members have helped to shape her young career and she hopes to extend the same opportunities to other young people.

Dr. Zachary S. Davis, Visiting Assistant Professor, Wofford College.  Candidate for Secretary

ACS Member since 2005

I currently serve as the Secretary of the Western Carolinas Local Section, and have done so since 2013.

Born and raised in Greenville, it is good to be a member of the Western Carolinas Local Section. I attended Erskine College as an undergraduate and was president of our Student Member Chapter. As such, I went to several WCACS meetings during my time there. While at Purdue, I also attended several Purdue Local Section ACS meetings, although I never served as an officer. As secretary of WCACS, I am charged with keeping Section minutes, as well keeping as the handbook and contact lists current. I have served in this capacity for three years, and am dedicated to continuing to do so should I be re-elected.


Dr. George L. Heard, Professor, UNC Asheville, Candidate for Councilor

ACS Member since 1999

Service to the Western Carolinas Local Section: Councilor (2011-2016), Alternate Councilor (2005-2010), webmaster (since 2012), Chemistry Olympiad Coordinator (since 2009).

Service to the National Organization: Member of the Committee on Community Activities (2008-2015, chair 2013-2015), Committee on Ethics (2016)

The role of a Councilor is to be your representative with the National Organization. I have spent my time as a Councilor promoting the activities of the Local Section to members of the Board of Directors and reporting on matters of Council to the Executive Committee of the Western Carolinas Local Section. Over the past two years I have implemented a checklist approach to submitting the Annual Report which has streamlined our submission of that annual task. I have represented the Western Carolinas Local Section at each National Meeting, with a perfect record of attendance at District IV caucus meetings as well as Council.

In order to reduce expenses to the Local Section, I do not claim meeting expenses beyond travel, registration and accommodation, and regularly share a hotel room with another Councilor or member of the Local Section and intend to continue that commitment if elected for another term.

(note  - as George Heard is also the webmaster, this bio was approved by Meredith Newman for posting)

Blaine Childress, candidate for Alternate Councilor

Blaine is a Science Fellow at Sealed Air Corporation in Duncan, South Carolina. He has worked in Research & Development for 38 years, with assignments in Analytical Chemistry, Product and Process Development, Technology Protection, Product Innovation, and Technology Scouting at the R&D headquarters of Sealed Air Corp in Duncan, SC.

Blaine has an undergraduate degree in Textile Chemistry from Auburn University and a MS in Textile and Polymer Science from Clemson University. He is Alternate Councilor of the Western Carolinas American Chemical Society, and serves on the Vice-Chair of SC InnoVision, and Advisory Board of NC Agricultural and Technical State University.

He is a U.S. Patent Agent, supporting Sealed Air R&D and Law Departments, in matters of opposition strategy, patent prosecution, and joint development agreements; and is named inventor of 15 US Patents.

Blaine has managed Sealed Air’s Global Open Innovation programs since defining the program in 2007. His oversight includes NineSights Gallery, MindSumo challenges, and PreScouter technology monitoring. In 2012 he was recognized as an Open Innovation Champion at the 2012 Global Innovation Summit.



2016 Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Illustrated Poem Contest

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The Western Carolinas Local Section of the American Chemical Society invites students in K-12 schools to participate in the Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED) Illustrated Poem Contest.

Download the local competition flyer

Download the official entry form (Word format)

All illustrated poems must be received by Friday April 15th to be considered


Just over a week left to vote in the WCACS elections!

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Voting will close at the beginning of dinner at the November WCACS meeting at Wofford.  You should have received your electronic ballot in an email from our secretary, Zachary Davis.  If you did not receive a ballot email and you are a member of the Local section, please contact one of the members of the elections committee - Zachary Davis, Meredith Newman or George Heard.

Announcing the candidates for 2015 Western Carolinas Local Section Elections

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Check your email for the electronic ballot.

Candidate for Chair-Elect.  Melanie Heying (Brevard College)

Melanie is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Brevard College, and a member of the ACS for 7 years. After a post-doc working with photochromic ruthenium compounds, she discovered she missed teaching, which had been a significant part of her graduate career. After spending a year as a Visiting Professor at Kansas State and another as a Temporary Lecturer at CalPoly SLO, she arrived at Brevard College, where she has been helping to implement curriculum changes and increase enrollment and interest in chemistry classes. She had the opportunity in the summer of 2013 to participate in a 3-week kayaking trip down the Suwannee River where the students monitored water chemistry and watched the change from swamp to spring water to salt water. She is also the advisor to Alpha Chi and Omicron Delta Kappa, two honor societies, and a supervising teacher for student teaching.


Melanie would like to become more involved in the local section of the ACS, and hopes to expand the presence of chemistry on the Brevard College campus. If elected, she would like to continue the work of her predecessors, encouraging student involvement in the chapter, and increasing the opportunities for local teachers of all grades to learn more about chemistry.

Candidate for Chair-Elect.  Oksana Love (UNC Asheville)

Originally from Lviv, Ukraine, Oksana Love graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Asheville. She continued her studies at Georgetown University where she received M.S and Ph.D degrees in Chemistry. After graduation, Oksana was a recipient of the National Research Council (NRC) Fellowship award that allowed her to continue post-doctoral studies at the Department of Defense (DoD) Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC. Currently, she is a faculty member at her alma mater, the UNC - Asheville Chemistry Department. Oksana has been ACS member since 2004, and is very excited about the opportunity to give back to this organization. If elected, she hopes to increase student involvement in the Western Carolinas Section. She believes that by encouraging participation in ACS lectures, networking events, and community service activities, students can develop meaningful and better-rounded backgrounds that prepare them for future careers.

Candidate for Treasurer.  Julia Brumaghim (Clemson University)

Julia Brumaghim has been a bioinorganic chemist at Clemson University for twelve years, where she was promoted to Professor of Chemistry and continues her research on antioxidant prevention of metal-mediated DNA damage. She has been a member of the Western Carolinas local section for the past ten years. Prof. Brumaghim has served as treasurer for the Western Carolinas section since 2006, as well as serving as the financial chair for the 2007 Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Greenville, SC. She is also a member of the long range planning committee for the section, and was chair of the committee to establish a long-range financial plan in 2010-2011. Because she seems to have a knack for keeping the accounts balanced and paying the bills on time, she is running for a fourth term as section treasurer.

Chemistry Is Fun - Earth Day at Roper Mountain Science Center

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Join members of WCACS in bringing chemistry to the community in this Earth Day edition of the traditional Second Saturday Science series.  April 11th from 9am-1pm.

Poster for Chemistry is Fun

For more details contact Zachary Davis (zachary.davis@newberry.edu)